People Love talking about how much they Love San Francisco. But lurking under that fog of adoration is an underground world of women who can’t stand it. It’s hard to articulate: on the surface, this city is everything a woman ought to want, but there’s just something…off. This essay takes a brutally honest look at the social dynamics at play in San Francisco, and seeks to articulate why people who complain about it have a point. Part I: Geeks, explores the ramifications of wealth accumulation by men unpracticed in social graces, and forms the crux of the argument. Parts II and III look at peripheral characters, familiar from other cities but re-cast by this environment. In Part II, the married and gay men who exacerbate the feeling that one’s options are terrible; in Part III, the alpha males encouraged and allowed to extend college lifestyles in pursuit of “the next big thing.” Finally, in the Postlude, a look at those of us who remain and, in the Call to Action, what we need to do about it.